Uoffisiell side om fragglene på norsk

English episode guide

Season 1


  1. Beginnings
    Doc moves into his new workshop and finds a hole from Fraggle Rock into the outside world. Uncle Traveling Matt sets out to explore «Outer Space», giving Gobo the job of collecting the postcards Matt sends back describing what he sees. But is Gobo ready for his new job?
  2. Wembley and the Gorgs
    When Boober’s walking stick gets broken, Gobo and Wembley set out to the Gorg’s Garden to get a new one. When Wembley gets caught by the Gorgs, he thinks he’s found a great new place to be; that is, until Gobo, Mokey, Boober and Red get caught as well, and finds out who his real friends are.
  3. Let the Water Run
    Red is getting ready for her swim meet, and is doing all the preparations by herself, even when people ask if they can help. But when the water runs dry in the Fraggle Pond and the Pipe-Bangers can’t seem to bring it back, she gets worried. Gobo later tells her of a pipe-banging tool he found in «Outer Space» (an umbrella) and she decides to go and get it herself. But when she gets too scared, will she finally ask someone for help?
  4. You Can’t Do That Without a Hat
    When everyone gets tired of Boober being afraid all the time, Red takes him to the Trash Heap, who then, somehow, makes his hat lucky. Boober’s bravery is cut short when it blows off his head, and is stuck being wimpy again. But when Gobo finds the hat on a Doozer, who’s lost in the Gorg’s Garden, will Boober be able to save Gobo from being thumped by Junior?
  5. The Thirty-Minute Work Week
    Gobo gets postcards, Mokey collects radishes, Boober does laundry and cooking, and Red does swim meets. But now it’s time for Wembley to get a job, but Wembley just can’t seem to find what he wants to do, until he hears about the Volunteer Fire Department.
  6. The Preachification of Convincing John
    Mokey decides that it isn’t proper for Fraggles to eat the constructions Doozers work so hard to build. To convince the other Fraggles that she is right she gets the help of Convincing John. But when the towers cramp up the caves, will people still be convinced?
  7. I Want To Be You
    When Red sees that everyone’s so impressed with Mokey and the things about her, Red, unsuccessfully, tries to be just like her. And when she tries to collect radishes just like Mokey, she gets two of her friends caught in a Gorg trap. Maybe just being yourself isn’t so bad, after all.
  8. The Terrible Tunnel
    Boober’s been trying lately to get Wembley believing that if you do certain things, no bad luck will befall you. So when he hears about the Terrible Tunnel, he seeks out the Storyteller Fraggle to tell him all about it. Later on, during a game of «Hidey-Ho», Wembley accidentally finds the Terrible Tunnel. When he gets back and tells everyone, nobody believes him. So he gets Gobo and Red to go back with him and see the truth. Was Wembley just imagining what he saw?
  9. The Lost Treasure of the Fraggles
    Gobo and Red find a treasure map leading to the Lost Treasure of the Fraggles, which is, unfortunately, located in the Gorg’s castle. So they get Wembley, Mokey and Boober to help. Will the treasure be 5 million diamonds, or will it be something even more valuable?
  10. Don’t Cry Over Spilt Milk
    Doc boards up the hole in the workshop wall, leaving Gobo trapped in the workshop and fending for himself against Sprocket. Meanwhile, Red and Wembley seek out the Trash Heap’s advice on how to rescue him, and Mokey and Boober discover a Doozer catapult. Will these four put their heads together to save their friend?
  11. Catch the Tail by the Tiger
    Uncle Traveling Matt hasn’t sent a postcard in two weeks and Gobo worries he’ll have to go looking for him. But is Gobo brave enough to step out there?
  12. The Finger of Light
    When Mokey reluctantly wins ‘Ruler of the Rock’ day, she has to decide what her three commands should be, and when her first two commands go wrong, she ponders on what she can do for the betterment of the Rock. Doc decides to use music to help his plants grow.
  13. We Love You, Wembley
    Everyone wants Wembley to do something for them and Wembley just can’t say no. But when a Fraggle girl named Lou wants to do something for him, he starts to see that his needs are just as important. Doc tries to turn an old chandelier into a bizarre alarm system.
  14. The Challenge
    Red’s tired of Gobo being leader, so when she tries to take Gobo and Boober to the Trash Heap and they instead get caught by Pa Gorg, it’s up to Gobo and Red to work together to get themselves back home. Doc buys a computer and challenges Sprocket to a video game.
  15. I Don’t Care
    Boober becomes increasingly angry when everyone shows disrespect for his feelings- and his blanket. Doc invents a robotic dog to fetch his newspaper for him, striking jealousy in Sprocket.
  16. Capture the Moon
    It’s the Festival of the Moon, and Gobo is chosen to do something special for the ceremony. But when the Fraggles think Junior stole the Moon, Gobo, Wembley, and Mokey, try to go back up and retrieve it. But how can you possibly get the moon back from a Gorg?!
  17. Marooned
    No two Fraggles could be more different from each other than Red and Boober. But when Boober and Red get trapped in a cave-in on Boober’s birthday, they end up finding out they’re more alike than they originally thought.
  18. The Minstrels
    A group of wandering minstrels, led by Cantus, and their magic flute tell the Fraggles to find their respective songs. So when Red is in charge of the medley, she can’t find her song, so she «borrows» Cantus’ pipe in order to find her song which drags her out into the Gorg’s Garden. How will Cantus get his pipe back? And will Red find her song?
  19. The Great Radish Famine
    The Trash Heap hides all the radishes from the Gorg’s garden to get the Fraggles, Gorgs, and Doozers to cooperate. But her plan backfires and they all start blaming each other. Will Marjory finally convince them all that they need each other in order to survive?
  20. The Garden Plot
    Red heads to the Gorg’s garden to retrieve radishes to prove to Gobo that she is not afraid. But when she finds out that Junior wants to get rid of Fraggle Rock, and Sprocket is trying to break in as well, she needs to gather up her bravery to save the day.
  21. Gobo’s Discovery
    Gobo cannot decide if he really wants to be an explorer like his uncle, Traveling Matt. But when he thinks Wembley and Boober got lost in the Great Outer Maze and the Invisible Garboil gets loose, he has to create a plan to get the Garboil away from Fraggle Rock.
  22. Mokey’s Funeral
    Nobody seems to think Mokey’s good at practical things, so when she makes a rag doll version of herself to get rid of the Gorg trap, things go terribly wrong.
  23. The Beast of Bluerock
    Red’s having a Splashathon, and Gobo wants everyone to go with him to Bluerock. And since they can only do one or the other, Wembley ends up being the deciding vote. After he reluctantly chooses Red’s choice, Gobo gets upset with Wembley’s ‘wembling’ and decides to go to Bluerock by himself. But when Wembley sees he forgot his pick ax, Wembley goes off to find his bud so they can be the first two into Blue Rock together… if they can get over their fears first.
  24. New Trash Heap in Town
    When Gobo breaks his leg from trying to escape Junior Gorg, the Fraggles become too scared to go to the Trash Heap. Then one night, she appears to the Fraggles in their sleep and tells them to look for wisdom within themselves. The Fraggles misinterpret her dream, and then elect Mokey to be their new «Trash Heap.» Will she be helpful to the Fraggles, or will she need Gobo’s help in seeing what having wisdom really means?


Season 2


  1. Wembley’s Egg
    Wembley feels he has no purpose. But when Junior irritates some birds in the garden, an egg falls out of their nest and into the Fraggle Pond. Wembley decides to take care of the egg until it hatches, despite everyone else giving him a hard time. When the egg does hatch, the tree creature thinks Wembley’s the ‘mom’. So Wembley decides to be the ‘mother’ until the creature causes some problems in the Rock, and Wembley’s forced to give him back to his parents out in the garden.
  2. Boober Rock
    Boober Fraggle can’t stand the noise people create every day. So when he hears from Gobo about the Caves of Boredom, he decides to move there. But when the Storyteller tells everyone about plants that make you forget that are in the Caves of Boredom, it’s up to Boober’s friends to get him out of there.
  3. The Trash Heap Doesn’t Live Here Anymore
    Wembley and Boober are having an ordinary day together, when Philo and Gunge show up in the Rock to tell them that the Gorgs are going to get rid of the Trash Heap once and for all. Will they be able to save Marjorie in time, or will they go without wisdom forever?
  4. Red’s Sea Monster
    Red gets upset when everyone thinks she’s making up her record of holding her breath under water, so when she wanders off from the group, she discovers a sea monster that claims to be the last of the Lilly Creatures. When she tells everyone else, nobody believes her, except Marlon Fraggle, the most odd Fraggle in the Rock. Red’s willing to do anything to prove herself to her friends, but is having Marlon’s help the best way to do so?
  5. Uncle Matt Comes Home
    Gobo finds out that Uncle Matt’s coming back. But the reunion isn’t so sweet, and when the two of them along with Wembley decide to go and find Crystal Cavern they fight all along the way, losing Wembley, who finds Crystal Cavern and helps them figure out they’re both good explorers, it’s just that they’re better at it when they do it alone.
  6. Boober’s Dream
    Boober’s been having terrible dreams about a very fun, happy Fraggle named Sidebottom who’s trying to get Boober to have a little fun. So when he shares his dream with his friends, they have loads of fun with Sidebottom until a game of Fraggle Freeze causes a very big problem.
  7. Mokey and the Minstrels
    Cantus and the Minstrels show up again, and when Cantus overhears Mokey’s singing and tells her that she heard a ‘ping’ she thinks she’s destined to be a Minstrel. But when she leaves her friends to find her calling, she discovers whether or not she has what it takes to join Cantus and his crew.
  8. All Work and All Play
    Cotterpin Doozer is quite different from the rest of the Doozers; she HATES to build, and would much rather become a Fraggle. So when she leaves in the middle of receiving her Doozer helmet to go hang out with Red Fraggle- the most fun Fraggle of all- she finds out that she’s not quite cut out to be a Fraggle. But if she can’t be a Fraggle, does that mean she’ll have to take up the helmet and build?
  9. Sir Hubris and the Gorgs
    Gobo decides to go exploring, and when he finds a hole that leads to the inside of the Gorg’s castle, he overhears Ma telling Junior about Sir Hubris. After hearing this, Gobo gets his other four friends to put on a cloak, stand on each other, and fool the Gorgs into leaving. But when Gobo and Red see Junior taking all the radishes, and hear Pa tell Junior to throw the Trash Heap into the well, the plan backfires, leaving Gobo no choice but to find a way to make the Gorgs stay.
  10. A Friend in Need
    Gobo’s been feeling pretty brave lately, and when he decides to go get his postcard from Uncle Matt late one night, Sprocket ends up trying to get through the hole to Fraggle Rock, and gets stuck. Gobo, being as brave as he is, decides he’s going to get the Hairy Monster unstuck. He goes to the Gorg’s Garden to get some greaseberry leaves, but gets caught in one of Junior’s traps, leaving Gobo to realize he isn’t as unstoppable as he thought. Can he convince a Gorg to let him out? And can he find a way to get the Hairy Monster free?
  11. The Wizard of Fraggle Rock
    It’s Trophy Day in the Rock, and Wembley’s upset because the only trophy he gets is one for «Best T-Shirt With Banana Trees On It.» But when the Wizard of Fraggle Rock shoes up, who looks an awful lot like Wembley, the Wizard asks if Wembley would like to trade places. Wembley has a lot of fun with it at first, but when he finds out that the Wizard is being chased by a Poison Cackler, Wembley’s stuck in a bind, and must find a way to get rid of him before it’s too late.
  12. Doozer Contest
    Flange and Modem Doozer have been trying new ideas for their building material; Flange added tomato extract, and Modem added mustard. When they observe the Fraggles enjoying their constructions, Flange takes credit for his part, saying that the tomato extract is what made it good. Modem gets upset, and before long, the two are fighting and they have a contest to see whose is better. In order to find out, they have to find a truly decisive Fraggle to judge. But is Wembley really the best judge?
  13. Red’s Club
    When Red gets tired of everyone doing what Gobo wants to do, she starts a club. But when everyone else elects Gobo to be the High Helper- the leader of the Helping Club- Red gets angry and decides to form a club that will rival Gobo’s. When Red’s only member, Cotterpin Doozer, leaves because she’s tired of Red’s bossiness, she decides to help Pa Gorg get Ma’s hanky out of the well. But when Gobo hears from Cotterpin that Red’s in the Gorg’s Garden, he takes Boober, Mokey and Wembley with him to save her, but they end up being caught too. Will Red put her selfishness aside to save her friends before it’s too late?
  14. The Secret of Convincing John
    After Wembley’s indecisive nature nearly gets Gobo seriously injured, he decides that Convincing John is the only Fraggle in the Rock to get him to be more decisive. But when Wembley changes his name to Wilfred and decides to take on everyone else’s jobs, he becomes a bit of a problem, and it’s up to Convincing John- the most indecisive Fraggle ever- to change him back to normal.
  15. Manny’s Land of Carpets
    When Gobo finds a radio by the hole to «Outer Space» he brings it back to the Rock, where the Fraggles mistake radio advertisements for heavenly places to eat, sleep and live. But when other Fraggles decide they’d rather go to other places than just Manny’s Land of Carpets, Gobo sees that, if they leave, they’d be saying goodbye to Fraggle Rock for good.
  16. Junior Sells the Farm
    After catching Mokey and Red in a trap, Junior hears from his parents that he needs to grow up and find a bride, and to do that, he’d need some Peas of Power. When Ma and Pa go for an afternoon walk, Wander McMooch- a nasty, swindling toad- comes along and decides he wants the castle. After conning Junior into giving him the castle for a bag of regular peas (instead of the actual Peas of Power), Junior realizes, with the help of Mokey, that he needs to work with what he’s got in order to get the castle back.
  17. Fraggle Wars
    Red and Mokey have gone off camping together, and one morning, Mokey wakes up early and hears a strange kind of singing. She discovers unfun Fraggles who blindfold her and put her in a cage. Red ends up finding Mokey and goes back to get help to free her. The World’s Oldest Fraggle then leads an attack force against the «Other» Fraggles and declares war, something Fraggles have not done in a very, very long time. It’s up to Red to communicate with the «Other» Fraggles before the war actually begins. But how will she get two sides to get along after such a long, long time?
  18. The Day the Music Died
    The Storyteller has chosen Gobo to write the Glory Song this year. Gobo’s wanting some peace and quiet, asking all Fraggles to stop singing. But what he doesn’t know is, singing is what keeps the Ditsies- the tiny creatures who support light in Fraggle Rock- from dying. So when the lights go out all over Fraggle Rock, Gobo must find a way to get the light going again, and when he does, he just might be able to write the perfect Glory Song.
  19. Doomsday Soup
    When Boober accidentally mixes routabega gumbo with his ruined laundry, he finds out that he’s created something that can make anything invisible. So when he shares it with his other friends, they decide to cover themselves in it and go to the Gorg’s Garden and get radishes. However, the magic soup becomes a problem when rock quakes shake up Fraggle Rock. Boober thinks the soup is nothing but trouble, he has to find a way to get rid of the soup before anyone gets hurt.
  20. A Cave of One’s Own
    Gobo and Wembley are tired of Mokey and Red always being in their room, so the girls go off together to find their own place. At first the living situation seems to be okay, but as time goes by, Mokey and Red just keep getting on each other’s nerves more and more, until there’s a huge fight. Will Mokey and Red have to find different places to live, or can they find a way to sort things out and still live together?
  21. Wembley and the Great Race
    Since Red recently broke her tail, it looks like Wembley and Gobo will have to compete against each other in a race. When Wembley actually wins the first time, Gobo thinks he was lucky and wants to race again. When they do, Wembley loses on purpose because he doesn’t want Gobo to be upset. This only gets Gobo angry and he makes Wembley race one last time. But Wembley gets tired of being put in the middle of Red and Gobo, lets them know how he feels, and when he does the race this time, he’s only going to do it for himself. Who will win the final race?
  22. Doozer Is as Doozer Does
    «Flooping» is a term the Doozers use for jumping up and down. And when they do this, they get hiccups, which is a very dangerous thing for Doozers. However, when Wrench sees some other ‘cool’ Doozers «flooping» on the job, he decides to do it too, but when his new friends get in serious trouble, Wrench has second thoughts.
  23. Boober’s Quiet Day
    Boober’s just trying to have a nice, quiet day. But when Mokey, Tosh, Red and Gobo keep interrupting him, he lets Sidebottom out to help him lie to his friends and keep them away. However, when he hears that the Gypsy Lady is coming, he tells everyone he’s offered his cave to her when she arrives, and then dresses up and pretends to be like her in front of everyone. But when the real Gypsy Lady appears, Boober’s forced to tell the truth.
  24. Invasion of the Toe Ticklers
    Mokey’s out past the Gorg’s Garden writing poems when she comes across Agnus, a Toe Tickler. She decides to bring her back to the Rock when she overhears Ma tell Junior to kill all of them. But Mokey ends up having a big problem on her hands when all of the Toe Ticklers follow her into Fraggle Rock. Gobo, Boober, Wembley and Red put all the Toe Ticklers in Chimney Hole Cavern, against Mokey’s wishes. Mokey goes inside to find Agnus, only to find that all of the Toe Ticklers are in cocoons, and when they hatch, they become Purple Sproingers.


Season 3


  1. The Bells of Fraggle Rock
    It’s winter time in Fraggle Rock, and Cantus arrives to help the Fraggles celebrate the Festival Of the Bells. However, Gobo’s holiday spirits aren’t up and he’s forgotten the true meaning. So to make this holiday extra special, he decides he’s going to find the Great Bell of Fraggle Rock and bring it back before the celebration begins. But the Rock grows colder, and as Red, Mokey, Boober and Wembley wait, they grow closer to becoming frozen. Cantus goes to find Gobo and bring him back, but Gobo’s still wanting to bring the Great Bell back. Will he be able to bring the bell back before his friends freeze? Or will he finally understand the true importance of the Festival Of the Bells?
  2. Red-Handed and Invisible Thief
    Red absolutely loves her radish bars (which are the equivalent of Pop-Tarts in our world). So when she sees that whenever she wakes up from sleeping that her bars are missing, she sets out to find the crook, which leads her to think her roommate Mokey stole them. She also gets Gobo to hide in a hole outside her room to watch and see if it really is Mokey; after Gobo gets distracted from reading a postcard, the bars go missing again, but Gobo claims he didn’t see anything. So finally she gets Wembley to stay the night with her to catch the thief, and what Wembley finds ends up being quite surprising.
  3. Boober and the Glob
    It’s Joke Day in Fraggle Rock, and Boober’s trying to get out before his friends find him. But before he leaves, a huge purplish-pink glob rolls into the Great Hall. Boober ends up meeting Cotterpin Doozer as well, and the Doozers are on their way to start building near the Blob. However, the Glob starts to eat the Doozers, one by one, and soon enough, Cotterpin’s inside the Glob too. Even though a part of Boober really just wants to run away and pretend it isn’t happening, he’s forced into action and must find a way to set the Doozers free.
  4. The Grapes of Generosity
    Gobo finds the legendary «Grapes of Generosity», mystical fruits which are rumored to compel anyone who eats them to share them with others. However, when Gobo brings them back, he ends up eating them and keeping them all to himself. Before long, Gobo becomes weightless, and tries to hide it from everyone else. But when he hears that Red climbed to the very top of the Great Hall, it’s up to him to get Red down safely, and finally admit to everyone that his own problem was caused by being greedy.
  5. Blanket of Snow, Blanket of Woe
    Mokey’s been making too many promises lately; most notably, she was supposed to knit a tarpaulin for the Trash Heap before the next big snow. But she ends up being too late, and when she sees Philo and Gunge mourning over the frozen Marjorie, she decides she has to fix her mistake. When she overhears the Gorgs need to throw out some yucky, hot soup, she along with the help of Gobo go into the Gorg’s castle to find a way to get the soup on the Trash Heap so she can thaw out.
  6. Pebble Pox Blues
    Gobo’s come down with the Pebble Pox, so it’s up to Boober and Wembley to go to the Cave of Shadows to get Gobo’s cure. However, Boober’s not too fond of the idea, and shares his worries with Wembley along the way. Before long, Wembley comes up with a bad case of the Pebble Pox, too. Will Boober leave his sick friend behind and ditch the journey, or will Boober put his germ-worries aside to help his friends?
  7. Home Is Where the Trash Is
    Philo and Gunge are sick and tired of being around Marjorie, so they decide to go off and find their home. The only problem is, they don’t know where they originally came from. After a failed attempt to live in Mokey and Red’s room, they travel far, far away, only to be caught and made slaves of Wander McMooch, the Trash Heap’s biggest enemy. When the Fraggle Five see that Marjorie is becoming weak without her rodent duo, it’s up to Gobo, Mokey, Wembley, Boober and Red to save Philo and Gunge from McMooch before it’s too late.
  8. Believe It or Not
    Red and Wembley decide they’re going on an adventure out in the Gorg’s Garden today. At the same time, Ma is trying to get Pa and Junior to clean the basement, which is something that they really don’t want to do. Junior catches a fluffy little creature named Skinfrith, and then Red and Wembley set him free so they can have some fun. But what they don’t know is, this Skinfrith is a magical creature that can change into anything that someone can imagine. And before long, Skinfrith gets into the Gorgs’ basement, and Ma thinks there’s a terrible beast inside, which is what Skinfred turns into. Wembley and Red sneak in to save their new friend, but they need to convince Ma Gorg, who’s trapped in the basement with them, that Skinfrith isn’t all as bad as he seems.
  9. Wembley and the Mean Genie
    When Gobo, Red and Wembley are searching for unique items, Wembley comes upon an old green bottle. He takes it back to his cave, and while he’s polishing the bottle up, a genie appears. Wembley can hardly believe his luck, but this genie has his own agenda. He destroys all the items Gobo and Red found, then he scares Boober half to death by making his laundry look like ghosts. Gobo says he needs to get rid of the mean genie, but the genie says he needs to stop letting Gobo boss him around. Later on, Wembley decides Gobo was right, and they create a plan to get the genie back in the bottle, then bury it. The plan works, but Wembley feels sorry for the genie, and lets him out. Later on, when Gobo’s trying to show everyone the bottle, he accidentally breaks it, but Wembley confesses he let him out. The genie shows up again, and turns all the Fraggles into something that looks like a Fraggle army. It’s up to Wembley to stick up for himself to make things right again.
  10. The Secret Society of Poohbahs
    Mokey really, really wants to be a part of the Secret Society of Poohbahs, even though Red keeps telling her it’s just a silly club. Then one day Mokey gets a letter saying that the Poohbah’s would like to see her and find out if she’s worthy of being a part of the club. She tells Red of her invitation, only to find out that she wasn’t supposed to tell anyone about it. She goes back to find out if she can be a part of the society, but when a member called the Mind-Reader knows that Mokey told her roommate of the invitation, she’s immediately rejected, but the Beggler Beg and the Vanguard (who look an awful lot like Gillis Fraggle and Convincing John) say that, if she brings her roommate to verify that Mokey’s legit, she can be a Poohbah. Mokey gets all worked up about this, but when she brings Red back so she can be a Poohbah, Mokey finally learns not to take anything too serious that these Fraggles tell her.
  11. The Beanbarrow, The Burden, and The Bright Bouquet
    It’s time for the annual Beanbarrow Race, and it’s Gobo and Wembley vs. Red and Mokey. But when Mokey gets delayed, Red ends up having to do the race with Lanford, Mokey’s annoying plant. As they’re racing, Red and Lanford get lost at Table Rock Cavern which is where the Clinging Creepers live. When the Clinging Creepers start to attack them, Red and Lanford must work together in order to escape.
  12. Gobo’s School for Explorers
    obo finds out about Uncle Matt’s Secret Rules for Exploring through a postcard, and decides to open up a school for explorers. On his first expedition, he- along with Red, Wembley and Mokey- must travel to the Hole To Who-Knows-Where. Gobo becomes so fixated on the rules that he starts to disregard common sense, and of course, he and Red go at it again. Wembley and Mokey start to agree with Gobo’s rules, but before long, they both side with Red. Gobo decides to go find the Hole To Who-Knows-Where by himself, not knowing that he is still tied on to Red. When Gobo and Red fall through the Hole, Gobo needs to use logic to get back home.
  13. Scared Silly
    Boober is testing beluviouses (Fraggle
    tails, which flair out when a Fraggle is scared). Wembley wants to get even and scare Boober back, but things go too far… or do they?
  14. The Great Radish Caper
    Junior Gorg’s only friend is a
    huge radish named Geraldine, a fact which he discovers thanks to Mokey.
  15. Born to Wander
    he Storyteller tells the story of how
    Traveling Matt became an explorer.
  16. The Battle of Leaking Roof
    Ma wants Pa Gorg to fix the
    hole in the roof before the storm comes, but Pa is afraid of heights (though he won’t admit it).
  17. Playing Till It Hurts
    Red escapes from her sickbed
    to play hockey before her visiting sports idol, Rock Hockey Hannah.
  18. Bored Stiff
    Pa Gorg decides to rid his and Ma’s
    «Kissing Rock» of Fraggles once and for all with the Boredom Juice that Junior found, but things go horribly wrong.
  19. The Cavern of Lost Dreams
    Cotterpin Doozer gets Gobo to
    help her find the Cavern of Lost Dreams, the original Doozer cave.
  20. The Incredible Shrinking Mokey
    When Mokey befriends a magical creature named Begoony, she finds his demands on her
    to be too great.
  21. A Dark and Stormy Night
    Ma and Pa Gorg go on an
    overnight trip, leaving Junior alone in the castle for the first time. Meanwhile, Gobo thinks that all the Gorgs have gone on vacation, so he decides to explore their castle.
  22. Gunge the Great and Glorious
    When the Doozers think Gunge
    is their long lost king, his relationship with Philo is in jeopardy.


Season 4


  1. Sprocket’s Big Adventure
    When Sprocket is loose in Fraggle Rock, he runs into all of its inhabitants.
  2. Wembley’s Wonderful Whoopie Water
    Wembley becomes a hero when he discovers a wonderful tasting fizzy liquid with magical properties in the rocks of the Great Hall.
  3. Sidebottom Blues
    Boober lets Sidebottom turn him into Dr. Fun when he thinks his friends don’t like him because he’s no fun.
  4. Uncle Matt’s Discovery
    While Uncle Matt is back for a visit, he discovers a cavern with magical transporting archways.
  5. Junior Faces the Music
    Cantus the Minstrel arrives to help Junior Gorg with the ritual of the Royal Kazoo
  6. A Tune for Two
    Wembley causes a stir when he pairs with Cotterpin Doozer in the Duet-a-thon.
  7. The Perfect Blue Rollie
    Wembley and Boober find a legendary Perfect Blue Rollie, which Boober doesn’t want to share.
  8. A Brush With Jealousy
    Mokey gets a magic paintbrush from the Trash Heap, but uses it for the wrong reasons.
  9. Wembley’s Flight
    Wembley rescues a spiderfly which turns out to be magic. It grants him a wish, so Wembley decides to be able to fly.
  10. Red’s Blue Dragon
    Red goes through a tunnel in the T. Matthew Fraggle Room and finds a blue dragon.
  11. Wonder Mountain
    Red follows Mokey on her solo trip to Wonder Mountain to make sure she’s ok, but of course it’s Red who falls victim to almost every pitfall on the Wonder Trail.
  12. Space Frog Follies
  13. Uncle Matt has gotten Gobo a frog from Outer Space for his birthday, but when it gets loose while Wembley is supposed to be hiding it, things get really crazy!
  14. Boober Gorg
    After being hit on the head by an exploding radish, Boober gets amnesia and thinks he’s a Gorg. When he tells Ma and Pa Gorg, they believe him, because they think a sorceror has changed Junior, who is missing, into a Fraggle.


Season 5


  1. Mirror, Mirror
    It’s Red’s 28th birthday in a row since the Festival of the Bells when she finds a magic mirror (named Mavis) that leads her to a very special birthday party.
  2. The Riddle of Rhyming Rock
    Gobo tries to solve the riddle of Rhyming Rock.
  3. The Voice Inside
    Sprocket visits Fraggle Rock and goes on a trip with Gobo and Wrench Doozer
  4. The Trial of Cotterpin Doozer
    Cotterpin Doozer is accused of consorting with Fraggles, and she must prove that Fraggles are noble and intelligent and worthy of the respect of the Doozers.
  5. The River of Life
    When Fraggle Rock’s water supply is contaminated by the Silly Creatures, only Boober can save the day.
  6. Beyond the Pond
    Red and Gobo’s swimming competition is interrupted by the annual arrival of the Knobblies, pink vine-like plants which are particularly thick this year, and which turn out to lead to something quite unexpected.
  7. Gone But Not Forgotten
    On his first solo overnight hike, Wembley meets Mudwell the Mudbunny, whose behavior first entertains, and then confuses him.
  8. Mokey, Then and Now
    Mokey, Wembley and Boober get transported back in time, to an era when Fraggles are bald, have leaders, and never laugh.
  9. Ring Around the Rock
    It’s Ma and Pa Gorg’s 513th anniversary, and they must get married again. But where’s the ring
  10. Inspector Red
    The Fraggle Horn is missing, and Red tries to find it, accusing many along the way.
  11. The Gorg Who Would Be King
    The leaves of the Nirvana tree have fallen, and it’s time for Junior Gorg to become king, but not until he has a chance to get a different perspective on the Universe
  12. The Honk of Honks
    Cantus and the Minstrels are back and ready to perform the Song of Songs, but first Gobo must find the Honk of Honks. Along the way, he meets Doc face to face for the first time
  13. Change of Address
    Doc finally knows of the Fraggles, when he and Sprocket have to move. Will Gobo be able to relay the Trash Heap’s message «You cannot leave the magic» in time?