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Fraggle Rock: The Animated Series

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Fraggle Rock: The Animated Series er en amerikansk tegnefilmserie basert på den opprinnelige dukkeversjonen med samme navn laget av Jim Henson. Den animerte serien fulgte samme formel som originalen, inkludert samme kjenningsmelodiDen animerte versjonen fortsatte tradisjonen med original musikk, og inneholdt minst én låt per episode (inkludert noen resirkulert fra dukkeversjon, for eksempel Let Me Be Your Song).

Den mest merkbare forskjellen er at i motsetning til i originalversjonen, er den animerte versjonen av Oppfinneren bare vist fra halsen og ned, på samme måte som Nanny var i Muppet Babies.

Denne serien var på langt nær like vellykket som originalen og ble kansellert etter kun én sesong og 13 episoder.

Vi har linket til småklipp fra episodene lagt ut av Jim Henson Company.
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  • 1 «No Fraggle is an Island»

Boober is fed up because of Fraggle Rock is too crowded causing the other Fraggles to move away and live alone. When the sleeping Slurp is awakened and takes over Fraggle Rock, the lonely Fraggles must rally up and get the Slurp out so they can reclaim their home. Meanwhile, Doc builds a doghouse for Sprocket.

  • 2 «Big Trouble for a Little Fraggle / Necessity is the Fraggle of Invention»

Big Trouble for a Little Fraggle: When a magic stone starts to make Wembley grow fast, he runs out of Fraggle Rock and into the Gorgs’ Garden where Junior Gorg mistakens him for a cousin Gorg. Meanwhile, Sprocket tries to use a plant-growing light after he was insulted by Ned Shimmelfinney.
Necessity is the Fraggle of Invention: Wembley has a hard time coming up with an invention for Fantastic Fraggle Think It Up Day. He does manage to come up with an invention when impending doom descends on Marjory the Trash Heap.

  • 3 «The Great Radish Round Up / Lucky Fargy»

The Great Radish Round Up: Pa Gorg has Junior Gorg replace all the radishes with Banoony Berries (the very smell that can make Fraggle sick) and placed all the radishes in the shed. Inspired by one of Uncle Traveling Matt’s postcards about cowboys, Gobo, Mokey, Wembley, Boober, and Red plan to use hats to lure the radishes back to them. The Doozers also have a plan to reclaim the radishes since Banoony Berries also makes them sick.
Lucky Fargy: Boober obtains a lucky rag doll made by Mokey until Wembley accidentally drops it down a pit.

  • 4 «A Fraggle for All Seasons / A Growing Relationship»

A Fraggle for All Season: Inspired by the ancient Fraggle philosophers, Mokey decides to find a Fraggle for All Seasons yet finds possible candidates in her four friends.
A Growing Relationship: Red’s entry for a flower contest ends up being a plant from Doc’s workshop which soon starts to grow out of control.

  • 5 «The Best of the Best / Where No Fraggle Has Gone Before»

The Best of the Best: Red’s own Record Breaking Day occurs as she tries to break last year’s records which causes problems for her four friends.
Where No Fraggle Has Gone Before: Gobo and Wembley make an expedition to climb to the tallest spire of the Gorg’s castle in order to reach the top of the Universe.

Gobo’s Song: When Gobo begins to question his importance of drawing up maps, he is visited by Cantus the Minstrel. Cantus places Gobo into a trance where Gobo awakens in the time of prehistoric Fraggles where he befriends prehistoric versions of his four friends.
Wembley and the Bemble: Following a scary tale from Storyteller Fraggle, Wembley becomes afraid of the legendary Bemble.

  • 7 «Ambassador Gorg / Homebody Matt»

Ambassador Gorg: Tired of having to fight the «enemy,» Pa Gorg sends Junior Gorg to the enemy side in order to invite them to a peace treaty. When Junior doesn’t find the enemy, he leaves the invitation at the entrance to Fraggle Rock.
Homebody Matt: Upon a return from Outer Space, Uncle Traveling Matt ends up hitting his head and forgets that he is an explorer. Gobo tries to help his uncle regain his memory of being an explore.

When the heat goes down in Doc’s workshop, it has a chilling effect on Fraggle Rock. With a round object given to him by Marjory the Trash Heap, Gobo sets off to the center of the Mystical Maze to set thing right with the Doozers not far behind.

Laundry Never Lies: Wembley discovers Boober’s special talent of detecting the odors on one’s clothing when Boober does the laundry.
What Boober’s Nose Knows: When Boober’s favorite sweet water disappears from the well, his nose leads him and his friends to the Gorgs’ Castle where the sweet water is.

Mokey’s Flood of Creativity: Following the 100th Pipe Banging, Archbanger Fraggle wants a special ceremony, and is persuaded to allow Mokey to recite a poem for the occasion. The recitation (or so the Fraggles assume) is the cause of a flood which spreads throughout the cavern.
What the Doozers Did: In a tie-in to the «Mokey’s Flood of Creativity,» the glue that Cotterpin Doozer has stirred doesn’t hold a Doozer Construction masterpiece much to the disappointment of Architect Doozer who scolds Cotterpin for shirking her duties by making her first floating Doozer construction. Lugnut Doozer and Rhinestone Doozer have their doubts on Cotterpin Doozer until a flood approaches Fraggle Rock.

  • 11 «Red’s Drippy Dilemma / Fraggle Babble»

Red’s Drippy Dilemma: Red is preparing for her latest swimming extravaganza as a nearby pipe springs a leak.
Fraggle Babble: Upon enjoying making up new words for the Fraggle dictionary, Mokey enlists the aid of Convincing John to convince everyone to make up a new vocabulary.

The Radish Fairy: Dressed as the Radish Fairy, Red convinces Junior Gorg to place all the radishes in Fraggle Rock to evade a Radish Famine.
The Funniest Joke in the Universe: Boober finds the Funniest Joke in the Universe that causes any Fraggle that listens to it to laugh endlessly.

  • 13 «Fraggle Fool’s Day / Wembley’s Trip to Outer Space»

Fraggle Fool’s Day: Red gets caught up in the practical jokes of Fraggle Fool’s Day. One of her jokes backfires leaving her and Mokey trapped in the Gorgs’ Garden.
Wembley’s Trip to Outer Space: Upon making too many decisive decisions, Wembley comes down with a case of Wembliosis and the only cure for it is a good scare